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MDU Resources (MDU) and its affiliates specialize in production and distribution of electric and natural gas energy, as well as infrastructure and industrial/commercial site development. These complex industries need solid representation in their various states of operation, including North Dakota.


Odney was hired to address MDU’s state government relations in North Dakota. This includes monitoring of the legislative session, legislative and interim committees, and regular interface with key executive branch officials and commissions. MDU also expects Odney to represent its interests at private sector energy conferences and meetings.


MDU’s government affairs team integrates Odney Public Affairs’ political and business relationships to protect, promote and expand MDU’s business interests in North Dakota wherever such interests are impacted by an interface with state government policy.


Odney Public Affairs monitors and tracks key legislation and legislative committee initiatives, and regularly reports on potential initiatives that may impact MDU. This often amounts to tracking an average of 150 legislative bills during any given legislative session and meeting weekly to report on each tracked bill.

We assisted MDU leadership and the government affairs team with developing a legislative strategy, including emails, testimony and supporting information. We worked to reach out to and negotiate with other impacted parties, including other energy industry groups.

We worked closely with legislative sponsors, champions and members of the Senate and House committees to initiate or amend legislative proposals to better meet the business needs of MDU. We represent MDU at political and business events, including energy industry conferences and meetings to promote and explain MDU’s business interests in North Dakota.


MDU has been very satisfied with the broad impact that Odney Public Affairs has generated for it, both inside and outside the legislative sessions. We are in our fifth year of solidly generating results for MDU, most of which are driven by strong, ongoing relationships cultivated with key policymakers.

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